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"This film will appeal to everybody because of its warmth, sensitivity, humor and truly balanced information.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll relate to their experiences, hopes, challenges and triumphs.  Lior will capture your heart with his twinkle and extraordinary spirit."

- Emily Perl Kingsley, Author, Welcome to Holland


"Praying with Lior, in parts or as a whole, has wonderful potential for use in classes from special education departments to seminaries to provider agencies to congregations. For anyone interested in learning more about the spiritual gifts of people with intellectual disabilties, the power of inclusive faith and community supports, the struggles and triumphs of real family life, and the power of ritual and celebration, it is a film to use over and over again with audiences of all kinds, from middle school to old age."

- Bill Gaventa, M.Div., Associate Professor, Director,
Community and Congregational Supports
The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Editor, Journal of Religion, Disability, and Health


"The extraordinary story of Lior, a charismatic boy with Down Syndrome, his life with his  family and the many people who pray with him, is a remarkable, funny, and profound story for our time, that like a parable, offers us a new vision for how to think about difference and possibility with the resources offered by love, prayer and kinship."

- Dr. Faye Ginsburg
Director, Center for Media, Culture and History
New York University

"A MUST SEE for future teachers, school administrators, and counselors of students with special education needs!  More than any other movie I've seen, Praying With Lior illustrates the most powerful and long lasting special education intervention of all:  a loving and inclusive community.  When we delight in the many ways a child is strong, able, and brings joy, magic happens.... students feel accepted,competent, and motivated to become all  they can be.  If all teachers and families of children with special education needs were to celebrate differences and presume competence, the world would be a sweeter,more satisfying place for everyone .... just like Lior's world.  DO show this movie to your students.  They will NOT forget its poignant lessons."

- Dr. Corinne Smith
Professor of Special Education, Syracuse University
Former Dean of Education

"A film like "Praying with Lior" has genuine teaching value as a catalyst for discussion, and will truly engage students of special education, psychology, counseling, sociology, family studies, and many other related disciplines. I highly recommend it."

- Donald E. Healy, Jr. PhD
Professor of Special Education
Western Illinois University

"Praying with Lior shows all of us that people with intellectual disabilities can make a valuable contribution to and be a highly valued member of their communities in so many different ways.  Lior's family, friends at school, fellow worshipers and all with whom he interacts both revel in the joy and passion he brings to prayer and to life, and accept his limitations with respect, dignity and good humor.  Praying with Lior will make you laugh, it will make you cry but most of all it will show you what is possible for one person and one community when we toss out old notions of things those people cant do."

- Steven M. Eidelman
Robert Edelsohn Chair
Professor, College of Human Services
Education and Public Policy
University of Delaware
President, American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

"I wish I could pray with the raw honesty of Lior Liebling. "

- Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver


". . .Praying with Lior is an important and groundbreaking film because it portrays how community inclusion, including religious inclusion, can enhance the lives of people with disabilities and the lives of everyone in the community. . . We are not aware of any existing documentary film that deals with religious inclusion in this way. "

- Myra Madnick, Executive Director of the National Down Syndrome Society

". . . As the mother of a 30-year old son who has autism, I have experienced firsthand congregational reluctance to include a person whose disabilities make it difficult for him to study and pray in the typical manner. My professional and personal experiences lead me to whole-heartedly endorse Ms. Trachtman's efforts to share Lior's remarkable story with the world."

- Becca Hornstein, Executive Director,
Council for Jews with Special Needs

"Spirituality and the religious needs of those with disabilities is often dismissed, or simply seen as too difficult or to expensive to accommodate. Praying with Lior testifies that making our religious communities accessible to everyone is priceless. The joy and open-heartedness that Lior Liebling brings to his religious community, and the way that his synagogue, school, and family reciprocates, provides a rare model. In witnessing Lior's story and journeying with him to becoming a Bar Mitzvah, viewers will join Lior's community and share his rite of passage into adulthood."

-Ginny Thornburgh, Director,
National Organization on Disability Religion and Disability Program

"Not a dry eye in the house. Tremendously moving and inspiring. I particularly appreciated the film’s honesty. Thank you."

-Deborah E. Lipstadt, Ph.D.,
Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies

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